No/Low Residue Carpet Cleaning

Leaving residue after the carpet cleaning process can eventually lead to faster dirt buildup in carpets and fibers; so a solution to leftover residue very beneficial.

The pre-conditioners (soap) that we use are environmentally friendly and low-impact formulas. We also choose how much (or how little) product to use in a single application – we choose to use the smallest amounts possible to get the job done right. This ensures less long-term impact on your home environment, and the environment at large. When it comes to residue, very simply, if you use less product to begin with, there is less to remove during extraction.

Our van is stocked daily with fresh, softened water. This is important because softened water actually aides in the cleaning process, allowing all pre-conditioner to be removed easily, leaving no residue. Also, since we are an IICRC certified carpet cleaning firm, our knowledge regarding all aspects of carpet cleaning ensures the best carpet cleaning experience. We know precisely how to ensure that your carpets are thoroughly rinsed clean.