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How will cleaning my carpet help allergies/asthma?.

To get all the dirt, allergens, chemicals and other pollutants out of carpet, major carpet manufacturers recommend one cleaning method over all others – hot water extraction, like Advantage Carpet Cleaning uses.  Our cleaning method works because for every 18 degree increase in water temperature above 118 degrees Fahrenheit, the water’s cleaning ability is doubled. This means hot water extraction can get you carpets 4 to 5 times cleaner.  The truck-mounted equipment used for hot water extraction shoots the cleaning solution into your carpet at a high pressure to break up all the allergens, dirt and other pollutants. Then the equipment uses strong suction to draw out all residues, including dust mites, etc. from your carpet, leaving you with not only a clean carpet but also a healthy carpet.  Carpets dry in two to three hours, leaving you with a clean carpet and less allergens to trigger an attack.