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Carpet Stretching and Minor Carpet Repairs.

Minor Carpet Repair Services Does your carpet need to be repaired? Do your carpets have bulges, waves, holes, tears or unsightly seams? Have you looked up the price for new carpet because you've had enough of those carpet eyesores? Just because there's a little damage doesn't mean you need total carpet replacement. A simple seam repair, stretching, or patching may be all that is needed to bring the beauty back to your carpet. We are equipped to handle all your needs. Some services we offer: [list type="arrow"] [li]Seam Repair[/li] [li]Carpet Stretching[/li] [li]Patching[/li] [/list] [hr2] Call today for a free quote! [button link="/contact/" style="large"](402)515-6983[/button] [hr2]